8 Killer Ways To Soften Your Leather Shoes Without Wrecking Them

8 Killer Ways To Soften Your Leather Shoes Without Wrecking Them

8 Killer Ways To Soften Your Leather Shoes Without Wrecking Them

Getting a newly designed pair of leather shoes is always exciting as they look elegant and classy and bring the shoe-wearing experience to another level. But, you might have noticed the new shoes you bought are causing foot pain and blisters.

So, looking to find ways to soften your leather shoes?

Leather dress shoes can feel tight, especially if you’ve purchased new pairs. However, there are plenty of feasible ways that you can use to make them comfortable.

So, without any further ado, let’s delve into knowing the most effective ways to soften your formal shoes in pakistan without damaging them!

8 Practical Ways To Soften Leather Shoes

Want to know how to soften your leather dress shoes? Here’s the only list you’ll ever need to soften your branded new shoes.

Wear Them Slowly

Here’s a proven fact none can ignore and contradict: wearing leather shoes often make them soften! In other words, if you wear shoes time and again, it will make the leather smooth, soften, and comfier on the feet. However, you should know that wearing your newly-styled shoes now and then can really hurt.

To reduce the likelihood of getting vesicles and blisters, start wearing them for half days. Plus, ensure to put on something more comfortable, for instance, sneakers.

Moreover, change them right away when you feel they’re hurting, regardless of how much you’ve worn them. Put them on two to three days later. By wearing them frequently for half days, you’re giving the shoes ample time to dry out properly. And once the shoes begin to feel smoother and softer, ensure to wear them all day.

Use A Hairdryer

In terms of softening leather, heat can play a critical role. If you’re thinking about softening your hard oxford shoes or other leather shoes, try wearing a couple of socks pairs. After that, slowly wear the newly designed shoes you bought from the market, and then switch on your hairdryer.

Carefully heat the problematic areas that are extremely tight for about a minute. While using the hairdryer, make sure you’re flexing or moving your feet. 

In the end, wait for a few minutes before you take off your shoes so that they cool down. This way, your leather shoes will stretch and become highly comfortable to wear.

Use Shoe Stretchers

In case you’re wondering about ways to soften your formal or casual shoes other than using a hairdryer, you can use a shoe stretcher instead. It may be a perfect solution to your woes.

They require no additional effort and are simple to apply. Whether it’s a metal or wooden shoe stretcher, you can use either to achieve the desired results.

Most shoe stretchers are available with special stretching sprays, which make your shoes increasingly comfortable to wear and walk.

Put the stretcher in your shoe and let it sit as per the manual instructions. Your leather shoes will feel less stiff after this. 

Stretching The Shoe With The Spoon

Believe it or not, but walking in stiff formal shoes can create blisters. Apart from that, your feet might also start hurting.

If you’re finding a way to fix it in a cost-effective manner and without any effort, head to your kitchen straight away. It might sound silly, but with the help of a spoon, you can soften your dress shoes easily.

Grab a spoon first and use it to stretch the troublesome areas. Make sure you’re applying adequate pressure – not extremely hard or too low.

This way you’re giving the shoe the same amount of power as feet, but without any risk of getting blisters and foot pain. 

Stuff Your Shoes With Newspapers

We all have mused at some time how to softer hard formal shoes. And often, the affordable and the easiest fixes turn out to be the best solutions. This is why you must give the ‘newspaper approach’ a try.

Grab some old newspapers and wrinkle them. Make sure to have sufficient material so that the entire shoe gets filled.

Fill a pot with tap water and slightly damp the wrinkled newspapers. Here, you need to keep in mind the newspapers shouldn’t be soaked fully as they may ruin the insoles.

So, stuff your shoes with newspapers and wait for a moment so they dry out completely. Then, take out the newspapers from your leather shoes and wear them.

Stretching Using Oil

You’ve done nearly everything but are still unable to soften your leather dress shoes. If this is the case, oil can help you to a great extent. 

However, before you apply some oil to your leather shoes, ensure they’re clean. The oil nourishes and softens your shoes, making them less tight. You can employ saddle soap, coconut oil, foot oil, or mink oil, whatever you deem fit.

Moreover, make sure you read the labels and avoid oil containing pine tar, castor oil, and several other poisonous chemicals. These types of ingredients may harm or decompose the leather eventually.

Use a fresh cloth and wrap it over your two to three fingers. Dab them in oil and start rubbing your shoes using circular motions.

Using Vaseline And Rubbing Alcohol

Here’s something you need to remember no matter what: never utilize regular alcohol for softening the leather shoes; instead, use rubbing alcohol. You can get it easily from the drug store or a supermarket.

Dip a wool ball in it and scatter it around the shoes. For better treatment, take out the laces of your leather dress shoes and apply the rubbing alcohol.

Then, leave the shoes for half an hour so that they get dry. Once they’re dry, apply some Vaseline on spots you find extremely tight while wearing. Use your old brush to perform this.

Leave the shoes like this for a night and then clean your shoes using a clean dry cloth. If you feel the shoes aren’t soft and smooth after one round, repeat the same process. 

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