Return & Exchange Policy

To turn your shopping and purchasing experience with Si-Cuero pleasant, we have got a comprehensive exchange and return policy!

You can easily exchange your products bought from Si-Cuero in any of the following situations:

  • The purchased product (or products) is faulty, defective, or damaged upon delivery
  • The product doesn’t match the article you’ve ordered in the first place
  • The shoe size you’ve ordered is larger or smaller than your feet – if it’s available in store
  • Exchange the purchased product(s) within 7-days; after that, your chance of exchange becomes nullified

For submitting complaints or claims, ensure to contact us in no more than 7-days. After 7-days, no complaint or claim will be accepted.

How To Exchange Products?

We make exchange purchased products a breeze!

You can smoothly return your leather product (or products) through courier to Si-Cuero given address.

However, please be aware that in event of any claim, we will payout for the reverse shipment, but if it’s an exchange, the customer will have to pay for it.

Moreover, please ensure to confirm the availability of stock from our customer care reps before sending a product; in the case of fault or defect, please state the defect in the product(s).

You can dispatch your leather product (or products) for return at the address shown below:

B#10 Al-Mustafa Town Phase 1 Qasimabad, Hyderabad.

Sale Items

Product(s) bought on sale cannot be exchanged.

Processing Time

You’ll get your exchanged product (or products) within 7-days of the claim.

Terms And Conditions

Here are a few quick terms and conditions you need to keep in mind when considering exchange and return:

  • Sales slip is required to claim the exchange
  • The claim must be done within 7-days of purchase
  • In the case of defective products, our quality control dept will make the ultimate decision

Claimable Defects

The following product (or products) are claimable:

Major Defects (Irreparable Manufacturing Faults)

  • Upper damage
  • Sole damage
  • Pasting problems (upper/sole separation)

Minor Defects (Repairable Faults)

  • Pasting problems (overpasted)
  • Stitching issue

Unclaimable Defects

The product (or products) isn’t claimable in any of the following circumstances:

  • Sales slip is missing
  • Product (or products) is overused, meaning de-shaped upper, sole prints vanished, etc.
  • Wrinkled product (or products) isn’t claimable because wrinkling is a natural leather behavior
  • Shape-out shoes (not the manufacturing defect)
  • Product (or products) is marred, scratched because of usage
  • The Upper or sole of the shoe is effective due to heat, fire, burn, etc.
  • Intentional pulling of upper and sole to make pasting issue